Sunday, September 28, 2008


You may have noticed on my Twitter from a few days ago that my friend, Lisa, finally had her baby -- Jillian! She was born almost two weeks late which was making all of us (not to mention, Lisa) very anxious to meet this new little one! But, she was cooked just perfectly and born at home! I'm so happy for and proud of Lisa for getting to have the birth she wanted. Jillian is a very lucky baby to have such great parents.

Congratulations, Stephen and Lisa!


Lisa said...

Aw, thanks Cara.:)

Being a mom is the best. I seriously can't believe how much I love her already.

Mrs. Priss said...

I'm so happy for Lisa! When she sent out that email with those pictures I about died at Jillian's cuteness!

Alissa said...

Adorable! Those homemade babies sure are peaceful :-)

Christen said...

Such a little sweetheart, and Lisa's story has been so inspiring. I really think if I make the "kid plunge" i'll be doing it at home.