Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Couple Lovely Things That Also Make Me Somewhat Sad

I just re-discovered this blog, Inside a Black Apple. I say re-discovered because I used to be a devoted reader until I quit working and lost all of my bookmarks (cause...I did all my blog reading at work). So anyway, something reminded me of her tonight and I looked her up. I'm so glad I did! Her paintings are just so beautiful, I think. I love the colors she uses and the subject matter. She also has a very similar style as me and I'm often want-y of her decor and clothing.

This painting is beautiful. I just love everything about it. And what really does it for me are the trees coming from the pipe. It just makes me feel a way I like to feel.

Here's a photo of Emily's new studio. It's adorable. I hope to someday have a studio of my own. Until then, I'm more than a little obsessed with checking out the studios of my favorite crafty ladies (ie Posie Gets Cozy and Heather Bailey -- kill me!).

I have all kinds of jealousies on this girl. She has the top selling shop on etsy and she's been on Martha Stewart (see here). And, I just found out, she recently moved to Portland. For crying out loud. I may die.

Emily also has a fashion blog called Some Girls Wander. It's fun to see what she's wearing or what she's found.

Anyway, this kind of turned into a big commercial for The Black Apple. But, I just had to share because her stuff makes me happy. Even while she makes me depressed. Haha.


sheena said...

oh my....I have never seen some girls wander.....I may become obsessed.....

Sweet Mess said...

I just stumbled into your blog, and know what you are talking about in terms of the black apple... I don't think she has a baby though... :)
I like your blog!