Monday, September 1, 2008

A is for Apron
(Also, Happy September!)

This book is fantastic and I want to make nearly every apron.
I started with this one...

A bridal shower gift for my now-sister-in-law Christi.

The next pattern I'm going to make has 3 layers, a pom pom trim, satin ribbons and cupcake fabric! It's adorable.

This is the first September that I have greeted with slight trepidation. This September means it's only 2 weeks until I turn 27 -- which puts me most firmly into my "late 20s", it's a month and a half until my baby turns 1 (how in the?) and it means that my goal of being back to my pre-pregnancy weight by that 1 year mark is going to pass me by unfullfilled.

But, I do love autumn and am waiting with eager anticipation for it to cool down. I hate weather over 75 degrees with a passion and long for some overcast skies and rain. It's still probably 2+ months out but I'm going to keep on hoping. And my new weight loss goal is Christmas (good motivation is being able to prove to my younger brother that I am indeed not perpetually 5 months pregnant).

So, with that, Happy Labor Day and welcome September!!


Christen said...

That's really a fantastic book. We received a copy of it to review in our Apron magazine coming out next year. I only wish I could make something from it!

I'm sure you can reach your weight loss goal by Christmas! I joined Weight Watchers about a month ago with some gals from work. I'm just cringing at the thought of weighing in the day after Labor Day!

Lisa said...

I saw this book at the craft store and thought of you:

suzy said...

I just love you. Your blog always makes me happy. I love autumn too, even just the anticipation makes me giddy. It is already kind of cold where I am though. I also love aprons. Did you start your etsy shop yet? I think you should sell aprons. I always try to buy the kits from olive juice &co. and they are always sold out by the time I check my email. I love aprons. On another note, how did we get so old?

Adventures in Heywood said...

Cute. I have a very cute apron from you which always makes me think, 'i should cook more' when I see it.

Morgan Jane said...

I was looking at this book awhile ago and feel in love with it. Too many cute patterns!

Bell Blog said...

You are so talented!

AuroraLeigh said...

I saw this book at Barnes and Noble and thought of you - I wondered if you already had it.

Sure enough.