Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It Has Happened

It was only a matter of time. And today was the day. Our first episode of Baby Destruction.

Besides the usual ripping up of magazines/books, emptying of drawers, splashing in the toilet, dirt eating, computer re-booting, etc, we really haven't had anything exciting happen. What makes this even funnier (or, worse?) is that both John and I were standing there watching it happen.

And here's how it went down...

John was hurriedly trying to leave for his video shoot and William and I were in the bathroom hindering watching him getting ready. Will got into a bathroom drawer and took out my cosmetic case that contains all of my nail polish (I imagine you've already guessed where this is headed).

This wasn't the first time I had let William play with the polish -- it keeps him busy for quite awhile (his favorite is the red). This time, as I watched him put the bottles in and out of the bag I thought about 1)the fact that the floor is tile and 2)that the bottles are glass. However, I casually chose not to do anything to prevent imminent disaster.

After about 30 seconds, William missed the case and dropped a bottle on the tile. Predictably, it broke, and sparkly black nail polish quickly pooled around his feet. And then he promptly put his hands into it.

Like this, except sparkly black. And broken glass.

The polish ended up on the following:
William's hands, feet, legs and belly
William's shirt (RIP Dino shirt)
John's hands
My hands
The bathroom rug
The bathroom floor
The kitchen sink
The bathtub

After killing a few thousand brains cells each and using half a bottle of nail polish remover, we managed to get the mess cleaned up and John out the door.

I think we all learned a valuable lesson today. Any good Baby Destruction stories out there?

P.S. Speaking of nail polish -- I'm obsessed with this new color I just got. I first discovered it when I had my nails done on my birthday and I had to go buy my own bottle. It's called Lincoln Park After Dark. It is so radical (it's a bit darker than it appears in the photo).

Luckily, this bottle is still intact.


Elizabeth said...

My husband once thought it would be a good idea to start painting the kitchen while he was in charge of our then one-and-a-half year old daughter. He turned his head for a moment and she had her entire arm in the bucket of paint. She took the arm out and started waving it around in panic, splattering paint everywhere.

Hang in there, baby destruction is part of the game. One day you'll laugh.

suzy said...

Oh Cara, I just want to cry for you. Because I know I am crying all the time for myself because of my little mess maker. The funny thing about boys though is that it is almost impossible to get mad. Girls are definitely less destructive, but when you have a boy, he is like your little boyfriend. Just wait until he starts saying "Saw-wee" everytime he makes mess. We have no chance. For future paint emergencies, they have this amazing paint remover in little white plastic bottle with a yellow top. It works miracles, except on clothing for some reason. That is so funny though. I have had a lot of times that I look at Max and know something is about to happen and I don't do anything.
On another note, I am also obsessed with the whole period of the Holocaust. It is just so intriguing and sad. One of my most favorite is kind of a different take on Hansel and Gretel, have you read it? I can't think of the name right now, but if you've read it you will remember. If not, tell me and I will find it cause it is so good.

Kaja said...

i have to admit that i haven't had a nail polish disaster, but don't ask me how i had a shortening disaster or the chocolate milk disaster or the entire-box-of-cereal disaster... it only gets worse...

Alissa said...

LOL. Thanks for the great laugh! Just get used to it - kids do things that you actually can never pooping in the fabric store ;-)

Bell Blog said...

Jason came home early from work one day and Avery had just woken up from a nap and was screaming at the top of her lungs... He ran in and she just stood there with her finger pointing at him, he looked around and didn't see anything. He came a little bit closer and thought he saw something on her finger so he quickly grabbed it off just as she calmed down and said, "POOP" that's when the smell hit him and he felt the smush in his finger. Yuck! :)