Friday, September 19, 2008

In Which I Promote a Product

Okay, I feel a little bit weird talking about this here because this blog is supposedly for like, craft related things. Sometimes it's a stretch, I know. And sometimes it really has nothing to do with crafts whatsoever. But, whatev. However, I just recently discovered this item and had to share because I know a ton of women having babies right now and I really wish I had known about this before. I can't believe I've gone 11 months without it.

I had seen some similar nursing tanks in like Motherhood Maternity, etc, but they were pretty lame. The two nursing items I got there were really bulky and after I washed them they shrunk all weird and wonky. I wore them each one time and then got rid of them cause they totally sucked.

Anyway, I just got this nursing bra top from and it totally rocks my world. It isn't bulky, it's very comfortable, it's super easy and the best thing -- coverage! No exposed mid-section ever (believe me, no one wants to see that sight) and it's nice and discreet in other areas, too. If you know what I mean. And I'm sure you do.

So anyway. If you are currently or are going to be nursing a babe (first of all, great job)...totally get a couple of these. I just ordered another one so that I have two. They are the best! (That last word should be sung in an opera voice, to get the full effect of how much I love them)


Lisa said...

OK, I just ordered mine. I hope it gets here fast!

suzy said...

It's about time someone came up with something that doesn't require an exposed post baby belly. And can I just say that I knew you were a good mom, but I just realized that you are still nursing and Will is almost a year old?! You are the most unselfish mother ever. I didn't quite make it a year with either of mine. I had a lot of problems with Gwen and only made it 8 months. I made it a little longer with Max, but he just decided he was done with me and it was so sad.
Well anyway, it's nice to see all the advancements they make in the maternity/ nursing departments inbetween my pregnancies. It gets easier every time.

Sweet Mess said...

That does look great! I have one- I guess a cheap one- because it is all funky and bunchy, and makes my breasts look all weird shaped. So thanks!
and yes, it looks like our little ones are only one day apart, as Lili's b-day is the 13th!

Nellie said...

excellent! I just have one question...what is up with that models hair? It's a little out of control, yes?

Lisa said...

OK nothing to do with this post, but happy Autumn! You're like the only other person I could think of that would want to be wished that. :)

Talia said...

Hi, I'm Lisa's friend, and just a bit of a blog stalker over here. :) I can't help it, you make the cutest crafts and sewing projects ever.

Anyway, I just had to comment and say how thrilled I am that you posted this! I'm currently expecting number 3 and have been really wanting to find something like this! With the first two I always had such an issue being a discreet nurser, so I knew one of these was a must for this time around. Thanks for the info!! I will definitely be ordering a few. :)