Wednesday, September 3, 2008


You may or may not be aware, but I have two of the very best sisters in the world. They are my best friends and I miss them every single day. One of my dreams is to someday be able to call them up whenever to meet for a hot chocolate or a trip to the mall or to watch movies.

One of my sisters, my sweet Beth -- whose praises I could sing all day long -- happens to work at a restaurant in our home town that opened in 1914. (That's almost 100 years ago! I love old things!) They have amazing rolls. Also, they still have the original soda fountain counter and they sell chocolate. It's pretty perfect.

So anyway, while we were up there last month, I visited Beth at work and she gave me free food. And some of that free food was served on what quickly because an obsession.

I had to have one of these plates. My very future happiness rested upon having one in my possession. Let's talk about why:

#1. Birds.

#2. Hello, scalloped edges.

#3. Name of home town.

#4. I think that about covers it.

Much to my dismay, however, I found out that they did not sell the plates. In fact, the servers themselves had to pay for replacements if they accidentally broke one. I was heartbroken. I was convinced that I would never again feel complete without one of these sweet little plates.

That evening, Beth -- being the nicest, coolest, most wonderful sister ever (and not just for this, but for everything she does) -- appeared with not one, but four of these plates just for me! I managed to get them all home in checked luggage without incident and now they are in my cupboard waiting for the perfect little dessert to be served upon them. In the meantime, I get so happy when I see them there on the shelf. It gives me a little reminder of my Bethy, my beautiful home town, and home.


Ruth said...

Could those plates be any perfecter for you? They are so cute!!

And as for your P.S., yes, let's plan something. I am in dire need of a night out too. I've almost forgotten such a thing as a night out exists. I'll ring you on your telly. =)

Trevy said...

Christi and I love those plates...and you forgot to mention how they still have their original baby blue crown molding and the most perfect walnut panels along with an amazing pressed tin ceiling...

Lisa said...

Oh those plates! What an amazing sister!

Bethany said...

Boo. You totally made me cry with this post.

I miss you.