Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finished Gifts

The gift making is done! I took it easy this year by only making a couple things. I'll share more about these after the holiday...

I am surprised to realize December is basically already half-way over. Time is completely out-of-control lately. Only 4 more months until I suddenly will have two children. Can't wrap my head around it!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Finally Some Cheer and Holiday Spirit

Until yesterday, I was pretty ambivalent about the upcoming holiday season. So I forced myself to make a little advent garland and we got the Christmas decorations out. After cleaning and decorating a bit I'm feeling very festive and looking forward to celebrating. Yay!

I'm quite pleased with how I decorated this year. I did everything much more simple and clean than usual. Instead of just decorating around all of the every-day decor, I removed everything and just used the Christmas decorations. Like, duh.

We're going to a Christmas tree farm tomorrow to cut down a tree, go on a hay ride and have some hot chocolate. I'm going to wear boots and a scarf and pretend my 3.25 person family is on a Christmas postcard. It'll be fantastic.

*Please excuse the blurry photos. My house is dark. I used my iPhone. If I bother waiting for better photos it'll never happen. Cause I'm lazy like that.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Oh, I do love checking things off my to-do list. I finished Will's scarf while hanging out in bed with him and his fever. Also finished up this set of ornaments this evening.

Next up, a knitting project that will be a Christmas present! Excited.

And a gripe: I'm really quite offended at the complete absence of colored maternity tights or leggings. Like, WTH? Seriously, they do not exist. And that makes me have a sad face.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello November

I am so excited about this month! In two weeks we'll find out what kind of baby we're having; we're going to Utah for Thanksgiving; my brother is getting married and there are plans for lots of fun projects in the works. It should be a great one.

I'm currently working on this ornament kit by Alicia. I also have this kit waiting to be done, so hopefully I can get them both done by Christmas this year. I made these ones last year. I'm thinking I need a tree just for these ornaments alone. Or maybe turn them into a garland. They're too cute to be lost amongst the general chaos of the other ornaments.

Friday, October 21, 2011

This and That and Christmas

The sampler is finished! Just needs a good pressing and framing. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I'll post a photo when it's framed up.

Will asked me to make him a scarf "for skiing", so that's what I'm working on now. I'll probably end up making a matching hat, too, if there's enough of this yarn left. He is very excited, which makes making things for him really fun. It's nice being thought of as magical. :D

I've also figured out 85% of the Christmas gifts out. Now I just have to actually make them. Some knitting, some sewing, some concocting. I'm getting excited...

Friday, September 30, 2011

Some Items of Interest

It's almost October and the weather is cooling down a *little* bit around here. The light is different and I'm craving soup and apples and pie. And, as usual, I'm now getting over my usual summer slump of disinterest and apathy. I'm starting to actually feel motivated and creative and want to make things again. All around great news.

I'm working on this ridiculously sweet crewel sampler from Alicia Paulson. I love it so so much. This is my first time doing crewel because I've been intimidated for a long time. But, turns out it's exactly like all other embroidery just with wool yarn instead of floss. It's all good and I should have this finished in a week or less. Yahoo.

Finally, that brings me to the big news around here which is that there is a fetus currently living in my uterus which will come out as a baby in early April. We are very excited and are already making plans for all the incredible things we're going to do as a four person family. Judging by how terrific the three person version is, I can only imagine it's going to be stellar.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Around the Place

Just a few things that make me smile.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Busy Making

I kind of don't want to give this quilt away. I love it so much -- especially the backing fabric. So lovely. This is for a wee boy who will arrive in a couple more months.

This fabulous thrifted fabric is soon to be turned into a dress. I'm both terrified and excited. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Some things

A scallop blanket for a baby who will hopefully show up any day.

Small clutch

Another small clutch

Pleated bag for me. 

My favorite fabric ever for the lining

All of these are patterns from Amy Karol's Bend-The-Rules Sewing. A fav!