Friday, September 30, 2011

Some Items of Interest

It's almost October and the weather is cooling down a *little* bit around here. The light is different and I'm craving soup and apples and pie. And, as usual, I'm now getting over my usual summer slump of disinterest and apathy. I'm starting to actually feel motivated and creative and want to make things again. All around great news.

I'm working on this ridiculously sweet crewel sampler from Alicia Paulson. I love it so so much. This is my first time doing crewel because I've been intimidated for a long time. But, turns out it's exactly like all other embroidery just with wool yarn instead of floss. It's all good and I should have this finished in a week or less. Yahoo.

Finally, that brings me to the big news around here which is that there is a fetus currently living in my uterus which will come out as a baby in early April. We are very excited and are already making plans for all the incredible things we're going to do as a four person family. Judging by how terrific the three person version is, I can only imagine it's going to be stellar.


Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, most hilarious pregnancy announcement ever.

Sijbrich said...

I love that sampler and how unique each letter is. Make sure you show it to us when it's finished.

And congrats on the pregnancy. Hope the first trimester wasn't too bad for you.:-)

bits and pieces of our family life said...

I am so happy for you, Cara! Good luck with everything!