Friday, January 23, 2009


I'm so burnt out on sewing at the moment. It's been an intense week. But I do have to finish up this little something so I can get it in the mail on Monday. It's for a certain baby girl who's turning one! More pics later...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Traveling By Train

While in Utah, my sibs and I frequented the antique shop. Frequently.

They had two complete sets of vintage Samsonite luggage. One brown set and one green set. My sis-in-law and I both quickly fell in love with the train cases. She with the brown and I with the green.

My little sister got Christi the brown one for Christmas. I went back later and got the green one for myself for Christmas. Everyone is happy. Though Christi is probably a bit happier than me because she also went back later and got more of the brown set for her. I couldn't get more of the green cause I had no way to get it home. She wins.

So that's the story of how this adorable little trunk came to be mine.

I'm using it for my sewing notions.

It does a good job. And has the best, old, dusty, funky smell. I love it. I just go smell it every once and awhile.

Popsicle Posies

It's not actually cold enough to wear a scarf. But I did anyway. Because it's January and when else can I wear a scarf?

Hey kids. John's off being a rock star for the week so it's just been me and the babe. It's been lonely but we're cool. Lots of sewing, playing outside, reading books and watching movies (for me, after Will goes to bed).

Today has been a great day! First, it's been raining and overcast. Second, it's cool(er). And third, I finished my quilt top!

Um, amazing. Now do you see why I nearly died at the quilt shop?

I already mentioned this, but this is the Popsicle Posies Quilt using the American Jane "Recess" fabrics. I'm so so in love. I got the backing and the batting today and now I've got to quilt it. I was originally going to take it to be quilted by the same lady who did my last quilt. I'm considering hand quilting. I've never actually done hand quilting, but I'm always getting bored and wanting to learn how to do something new. So...I just may do it. I think it'll add to the vintage-y, old-school-y-ness.

Love that red one on the bottom left there. I think I need more for Will's robot.

The backing is the same fabric as that green tiny dot border there. Adorable over-load!

I'm off to research the hand quilting what-nots. So wish me luck! I can't wait to start! (And if you have any tips, please let me know...)

Miss you, Daddy!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just a couple more...

Two of my favorite ladies should be getting these in the mail today, so I'll post these pics now (and, if they don't get them today...then surprise!).

For my lovely soulmate-on-many-levels friend Christen of The Deliberate Life -- a late little Christmas present.

Christen would know how to fix the punctuation/grammer of the above sentence. She's cool and smart like that. She actually gets paid to do it.

And for my wonderful, beautiful, talented sister-in-law Christi (see her etsy shop, Tickled Whimsy) who fixed all of my broken necklaces while we were in Utah. Thank you so much!

Bethany made this tree.

Love you chicks!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Blog-orating!

In case you use reader, go check out my new digs! New header and colors for the new year. Woot!

Turning Twenty

I finished another quilt! And this one is like, a serious quilt. With actual piecing (though easy) and actual quilting (though I didn't do that part).

The pattern is called Turning Twenty -- because it's done with 20 different fabrics. I thought it'd be easy to find 20 fabrics I love but it was actually really hard. Especially when going to only one store for them all. I kind of wish I had taken more time selecting (going on line, etc) because there are a few fabrics that I don't totally love. My favorites are of course the Amy Butler and Heather Bailey ones.

It was very easy. Each block is only 3 pieces -- just different size rectangles/squares. I think it only took about a week to complete the top. And then I took it up to Utah with me to be quilted by a lady my mom knows-ish. Then I sewed on the binding in a couple days. It's almost queen-size and we've been sleeping with it since I got it done about a week ago.

Blah blah blah.

And here's a sneak peak at the new quilt I'm working on -- Popsicle Posies Quilt (with fabric by American Jane, a new favorite!). This pattern/fabrics just about gave me a heart attack in the shop. My mom, sisters, brother and John can all attest to my weirdness. I was like, actually freaking out. I'm so stoked on it. I'm half-way done with the top, so I'll show you some more pics soon! I LOOOOOOOVE IT! Just you wait!


This is what I spent Christmas Eve making for William. It's the Spaceboy from Wee Wonderfuls . Doesn't she design the cutest things ever? I love that she has so many toys for boys (because she has one, I guess). The pattern book also came with a pattern for a robot (see link) and I'm hoping to get that made this week.

Spaceboy wears his space goggles when he's on a mission.

This guy is William's favorite new toy, along with this peg board). William flies Spaceboy around while making rocket sounds. I love little boys.

Mission accomplished!

P.S. I'm planning on embroidering a 'W' onto his belt there. Just as soon as I can get it from William for long enough. :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

15 Months

Can you believe this kid is 15 months already?

He can:
walk (the crawling-to-walking ratio goes up everyday)
say mama, dada, shoes, orange, cheese, mmmm, what is this?
sign 'more', 'eat', 'milk' (working on 'drink')
give hugs, kisses, cuddles
climb on top of the coffee table
climb on top of his little piano
empty drawers
empty laundry baskets
help put things away
follow simple directions
grow teeth

He loves:
his dada
ice cream
dada's wallet, belt and phone
"driving" the car
exploring outside
mama's milk
pushing buttons
taking showers with mama or dada (no baths)

He also:
throws mini-tantrums (already!?!)
makes your heart melt with his sweet face
has started sleeping most of the night in his crib (we're sad and glad about this)
needs a hair cut again
is really, really obsessed with being outside

Basically, we think he's just the greatest kid around and are having the time of our lives with him. We love you, little chicken pot pie.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January? Really?

I had this whole commentary on the weather I was going to ramble on about. You know, about how it's January and how it shouldn't be 80 degrees. About how windy it is and how I hate the wind. How I got hit in the head with my trunk lid (door?) when I was putting groceries in yesterday because of the blasted wind. About can't I get a *little* bit of a change of weather around here, for goodness sake? Etc.'ve heard it all before. And you just heard it again. I'm annoyed, we'll leave it at that.

Does it get better than acorns and owls?

So instead, look at the adorable coffee/hot drink sleeves my sister and I made!Bethany spent 10 days here with me before Christmas and we had so much fun. One night included making these little sleeves and they turned out so cute. We also both made one for a friend each. I wish I had pictures of those, too, cause they were adorable.

Enjoying our Christmas-y beverages

I've got lots more to share from the last two months, but I'm now off to my kickboxing class. Just wanted to let you all know that I'm still here!