Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just a couple more...

Two of my favorite ladies should be getting these in the mail today, so I'll post these pics now (and, if they don't get them today...then surprise!).

For my lovely soulmate-on-many-levels friend Christen of The Deliberate Life -- a late little Christmas present.

Christen would know how to fix the punctuation/grammer of the above sentence. She's cool and smart like that. She actually gets paid to do it.

And for my wonderful, beautiful, talented sister-in-law Christi (see her etsy shop, Tickled Whimsy) who fixed all of my broken necklaces while we were in Utah. Thank you so much!

Bethany made this tree.

Love you chicks!


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! I'm in LOVE!

Maureen said...

Im a secret admirer/blogstalker I am good friends with Kelly S. mom! I normally don't post but I love seeing all the creative things you come up with, I was sad when you disappered for awhile. I have family in Logan so it was fun when you posted the pictures of the old buildings there. Well just wanted you to know you had a secret admirer who loves all your projects and fun!

tickledwhimsy said...

Somebody got something in the mail today......!

Thanks so much, you're the best, really cheered up a sad wintry day without my husby.