Thursday, January 22, 2009

Popsicle Posies

It's not actually cold enough to wear a scarf. But I did anyway. Because it's January and when else can I wear a scarf?

Hey kids. John's off being a rock star for the week so it's just been me and the babe. It's been lonely but we're cool. Lots of sewing, playing outside, reading books and watching movies (for me, after Will goes to bed).

Today has been a great day! First, it's been raining and overcast. Second, it's cool(er). And third, I finished my quilt top!

Um, amazing. Now do you see why I nearly died at the quilt shop?

I already mentioned this, but this is the Popsicle Posies Quilt using the American Jane "Recess" fabrics. I'm so so in love. I got the backing and the batting today and now I've got to quilt it. I was originally going to take it to be quilted by the same lady who did my last quilt. I'm considering hand quilting. I've never actually done hand quilting, but I'm always getting bored and wanting to learn how to do something new. So...I just may do it. I think it'll add to the vintage-y, old-school-y-ness.

Love that red one on the bottom left there. I think I need more for Will's robot.

The backing is the same fabric as that green tiny dot border there. Adorable over-load!

I'm off to research the hand quilting what-nots. So wish me luck! I can't wait to start! (And if you have any tips, please let me know...)

Miss you, Daddy!


Elizabeth said...

Is your husband a musician? Mine too! I always get way more crafting done when he's on tour. It's the only bonus.

Anonymous said...

You are looking super cute in that scarf!

And that quilt top is amazing. If I ever get around to finishing cutting up the pieces for my next one I'm definitely going to hand quilt it. I already have some giant hoops from my mom.

Morgan Jane said...

Okay, that quilt top is amazing. There are no words for how much you rock.

Alissa said...

I am so impressed that you already have that quilt top done! It turned out so delicious! Hand quilting it is a great idea.

Alissa said...

You'll never believe it....but I bought a pattern and quilt kit for another quilt from the American Jane collection. It's called "Recess" and is for a full-size quilt. It even came in a matching metal lunch box! It has many of the same fabrics as your quilt, SO CUTE! I came across someone selling it when looking for my quilt lady's phone number again and couldn't resist snapping it up for $45! So I just added another project to my "things to do in 2009" pile.

Material Mary said...

I am so in love with the posies quilt. You did a great job!! Keep it up. I love the outlet that sewing/quilting provides for creativity.