Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January? Really?

I had this whole commentary on the weather I was going to ramble on about. You know, about how it's January and how it shouldn't be 80 degrees. About how windy it is and how I hate the wind. How I got hit in the head with my trunk lid (door?) when I was putting groceries in yesterday because of the blasted wind. About can't I get a *little* bit of a change of weather around here, for goodness sake? Etc. But...you've heard it all before. And you just heard it again. I'm annoyed, we'll leave it at that.

Does it get better than acorns and owls?

So instead, look at the adorable coffee/hot drink sleeves my sister and I made!Bethany spent 10 days here with me before Christmas and we had so much fun. One night included making these little sleeves and they turned out so cute. We also both made one for a friend each. I wish I had pictures of those, too, cause they were adorable.

Enjoying our Christmas-y beverages

I've got lots more to share from the last two months, but I'm now off to my kickboxing class. Just wanted to let you all know that I'm still here!


Lisa said...

Yay! You're back!

Oh and I saw Ruth hot drink sleeve. Totally adorable as are those two. I'm feeling pretty inspired to make myself one!

Kickboxing? Go you!

Kaja said...

You're alive! It's good to have you back!

Bethany said...

Merg. Okay. I'm coming back out there. It's no fun around here without you.

Alissa said...

So THAT'S where all my talent went...my girls got it! Those are adorable.

kelly said...

seriously...it all runs in the family too? I'm jealous. Even your brother!? what a family.

Those holders ARE adorable!

I am with you on the weather situation....ARRRGGGG it makes me angry (literally) when I'm sweating just getting my kids into the car, in the middle of JANUARY!!!!