Sunday, January 18, 2009

Turning Twenty

I finished another quilt! And this one is like, a serious quilt. With actual piecing (though easy) and actual quilting (though I didn't do that part).

The pattern is called Turning Twenty -- because it's done with 20 different fabrics. I thought it'd be easy to find 20 fabrics I love but it was actually really hard. Especially when going to only one store for them all. I kind of wish I had taken more time selecting (going on line, etc) because there are a few fabrics that I don't totally love. My favorites are of course the Amy Butler and Heather Bailey ones.

It was very easy. Each block is only 3 pieces -- just different size rectangles/squares. I think it only took about a week to complete the top. And then I took it up to Utah with me to be quilted by a lady my mom knows-ish. Then I sewed on the binding in a couple days. It's almost queen-size and we've been sleeping with it since I got it done about a week ago.

Blah blah blah.

And here's a sneak peak at the new quilt I'm working on -- Popsicle Posies Quilt (with fabric by American Jane, a new favorite!). This pattern/fabrics just about gave me a heart attack in the shop. My mom, sisters, brother and John can all attest to my weirdness. I was like, actually freaking out. I'm so stoked on it. I'm half-way done with the top, so I'll show you some more pics soon! I LOOOOOOOVE IT! Just you wait!


Morgan Jane said...

Cara, you're amazing. How you find time to quilt with a 15 month around is beyond me. But, I love the quilt and am dying to see a bigger picture of it. It looks amazing!

Sweet Mess said...

How do you keep William from scattering your project into a million pieces??? Hmmm, maybe it is just out of his reach. They look great!

Material Mary said...

Cara, I have to tell you what an awesome job you did on the turning 20. Enjoy it to death. Love, love love the Popsicle Posies. Love American Jane and her fabric. Can't wait to see it done.