Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Oh, I do love checking things off my to-do list. I finished Will's scarf while hanging out in bed with him and his fever. Also finished up this set of ornaments this evening.

Next up, a knitting project that will be a Christmas present! Excited.

And a gripe: I'm really quite offended at the complete absence of colored maternity tights or leggings. Like, WTH? Seriously, they do not exist. And that makes me have a sad face.


Alissa said...

Those ornaments are beyond cute!

And sad about the tights...but seriously, you have much better choices in maternity wear than I ever did so I'm not going to cry too many tears over it.

LUCY said...

LOVE your blog, Cara... you so inspire me to be creative. Not to the point I'm *doing* anything yet, but definitely thinking about it.

Ps. Your love of Fall and cold may be rubbing off on me a little. Or atleast to the point I'm embracing it a tiny bit more. ;)