Friday, December 2, 2011

Finally Some Cheer and Holiday Spirit

Until yesterday, I was pretty ambivalent about the upcoming holiday season. So I forced myself to make a little advent garland and we got the Christmas decorations out. After cleaning and decorating a bit I'm feeling very festive and looking forward to celebrating. Yay!

I'm quite pleased with how I decorated this year. I did everything much more simple and clean than usual. Instead of just decorating around all of the every-day decor, I removed everything and just used the Christmas decorations. Like, duh.

We're going to a Christmas tree farm tomorrow to cut down a tree, go on a hay ride and have some hot chocolate. I'm going to wear boots and a scarf and pretend my 3.25 person family is on a Christmas postcard. It'll be fantastic.

*Please excuse the blurry photos. My house is dark. I used my iPhone. If I bother waiting for better photos it'll never happen. Cause I'm lazy like that.

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Alissa said...

Everything looks great! I especially love the handmade stockings and ornaments everywhere. Can't wait to see the tree!