Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello November

I am so excited about this month! In two weeks we'll find out what kind of baby we're having; we're going to Utah for Thanksgiving; my brother is getting married and there are plans for lots of fun projects in the works. It should be a great one.

I'm currently working on this ornament kit by Alicia. I also have this kit waiting to be done, so hopefully I can get them both done by Christmas this year. I made these ones last year. I'm thinking I need a tree just for these ornaments alone. Or maybe turn them into a garland. They're too cute to be lost amongst the general chaos of the other ornaments.


Lisa said...

Wow! This is an exciting month. Can't wait to find out what you are having. I am contemplating my next project. I really need to finish up the sewing for the nursery (I'm making everything more boyish in there), but after making six of them I think I might shoot myself if I have to make another basket liner (I have four more to go). I got a ton of yarn from my MIL recently and I want to do fun things with that plus my other two ornament kits. I need to just commit to something already!

suzy said...

You are amazing and crafty and I don't know how you do it. You have perfect self control and make good food and I bet your house is always clean. It's annoying. But I'm glad you're blogging over here again...it feels lonely to check and see that you haven't been here.

Alissa said...

I adore these ornaments. Makes me want to make more to replace the cute felt ornaments we had when you were little. I can add it to the giant list of things I want to do. We're excited to see you guys soon!