Monday, May 5, 2008

Will 'o The Wisp

Will is so scene. Ear muffs for going to shows with the cool kids.

I'm a crappy friend and just now checked my friend Kaja's blog for the first time in like...months, apparently. She tagged me a couple weeks ago to post 5 things about William that people might not know. Sorry Kaja! I just barely saw that. Oops. So here we go:

1. William gets absolutely stoked on rock music. If he gets fussy in the car we just turn on loud music (has to have drums and distorted guitar...none of that sissy calm music) and he instantly freezes and either just studies the beats or goes to sleep. It works every single time. His favorite song is That's What You Get by Paramore.

2. He does not like laying down or relaxing. He has to be sitting or standing up at all times so he can check out the haps. Don't even think about holding him like a baby -- he'll not be having any of that, thank you very much.

3. He is The Poopless Wonder.

4. He is also The One-Socked Bandit. His legs are always moving and he always ends up with one sock on and one sock off.

5. He loves sleeping between Mommy and Daddy and wakes them up in the morning by touching their faces -- especially their lips. It's the best possible way to be woken up.

Here's my new apron. It's incredible. And no...I didn't make it, obviously. But it makes me outrageously happy. I want to wear it out of the house. I just might.


Kaja said...

yay! what a fun little guy!

Morgan Jane said...

Will is so cute. And I was stoked to see that pic because I just bought that exact onsie for a friend, and couldn't get over how cute it was. And then I see Will wearing it as well! Hip.

EJ said...

Quincy has the same robot tee! How perfect that Will loves loud rock music.

Christie said...

Nooo, I'm shocked to hear that a son of John's should not be able to sit still.... really I have no idea where he would have got such a trait... Mailman?