Friday, May 23, 2008

Mushrooms, Gasoline, Airlines, A Visitor, A Will

Well look-y here! I've finally finished the valance for William's window. This fabric is one of the first things I bought for Will's room before we moved in and alas, it's the last thing to actually make it into the room. I'm really happy with how these turned out, seeing as how I've never made a valance and what attempts I've made at curtains in the past left something to be desired. I just read through a couple patterns online and then went for it. They're even lined. And have mitered corners. Fancy, aye? I was impressed.

Next up, it's official. Gasoline is now over $4 here.

And because of the gasoline shenanigans, airlines are being lame and doing things like charging for checked baggage. And, in saddest news of the week news, JetBlue just discontinued all flights from Burbank to Salt Lake City. We are in a serious state of mourning over here. First, because JetBlue has awesome planes. Second, Burbank is seriously convenient. Third, the flights were only $59-$69 each way. Way cheaper than like the wack Delta Connection flights on the toy airplanes. So, we're bummed. We now have to drive to Long Beach to pick up/drop off my siblings when they visit this summer since their flights to BUR are now cancelled. And what the heck flight are we going to take now?? Wiggity-wack.

But, in best news of the week, my mommy is coming to visit for the weekend! She gets here tomorrow morning and we're all very excited. So, I won't be back until like, Monday night cause I'll be party-ing too hard to blog. You know how it is.

And because I know you won't make it through the weekend without seeing a new photo of William...

Fell asleep watching a Muse concert


Kaja said...

that valance turned out SO cute. i love it! cute fabric too.

Lisa said...

That valance turned out really cute!

I love that Will falls asleep to rock concerts.

In other news... we have visitors too and a certain 4 year old keeps calling me Cara!

kelly southwell said...

Will is adorable, as always!

The valance is perfect...I wouldn't expect anything different, of coarse.
Please come motivate me to finish my poor kid's rooms! :)