Friday, May 16, 2008

7 Month Will

This Mr. Baby is 7 months old now. Didn't I like just post about how he was 6 months old? Where did the last month go???

William can go from sitting up to all fours.
He likes to get on his hands and feet like he's doing push-ups.
He's got the leg part of crawling down but not the arms, so he ends up face planting a lot.
He loves drinking out of glasses and water bottles.
He sneezes 3 or 4 times everytime we go outside.
His favorite toys are a little plastic Ziggy doll from Gma W and a stuffed puppy from Nana Colleen.
His favorite foods are raspberries, blackberries and crackers (or any bread product).
He loves riding around in his Mei Hip carrier so he can see all the haps up close.


Nellie said...

Makayla sneezes everytime she goes outside too. It cracks me up.

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Make sure you record absolutely everything, because even though you think you couldn't possible forget anything they do, you do, unless you've got photographic and written evidence to remind you. My 7 month old is now 5 and a half and playing on the Nintendo Wii as I type this! xx

Ruth said...

Hannah used to do the face plant too. Haha. I forgot about that. It's quite a feat for a little baby to get those arms and legs moving together!!

cara lou said...

Emma: You are so right. There are already things in his journal that I've written that I would have forgotten about!!