Monday, May 19, 2008

2 Down -- 3 To Go

Well I've finished another baby blanket. This one is for Rob & Gina (who also do not read this blog), who are due next week or so? Not sure. But soon. I'm also making a little shirt but that's not ready yet.

I love these fabrics! Which is weird cause they're just from JoAnn.

Also, I finally made a drawstring bag for William's blocks. It's so nice not to have these falling all over the place now!

The plan for today includes getting dressed (I worked out and took a shower and then lost motivation), dusting, putting the rest of the laundry away, grocery shopping, buying fabric paint, doing a bit of design, hopefully starting another blanket, making dinner and going on a walk. Yikes. Wish me luck! Haha.


Lisa said...

Good luck on accomplishing everything. I have some lofty goals myself, but I'm feeling pretty crumby randomly today so I don't know if it will actually happen.

Nellie said...

So Makayla absolutely loves her "cara made" blanket...haha. She stares at it like its the coolest thing since breastmilk.
And when she falls asleep she grabs the edge of it and brings it up to her face. I'll take a picture of it if i remember to.

Nellie said...

Oh, and mom complimented your sewing skills, and said that didn't look like an easy sewing task. Go you!

EJ said...

Quincy is in love with his blanket as well. It's the perfect size, and weight for the summer. The colors are so perfect I'm thinking of painting one of his walls the blue color. Thanks again for the perfect quilt, and may I add your talent for color combinations.

cara lou said...

Thanks guys! I'm glad to hear that your babies like their blankets! William likes his, too. It's pretty much the only blanket we use now.