Thursday, May 29, 2008

10 Years

One of our first photos together.

Wow. 10 years. It's been 10 years since John and I first met. 10 years since we started on this journey together. And now here we are, more in love than ever, and with a little baby, too.

I spent part of this evening re-reading emails we exchanged back at the beginning of our relationship. It's interesting to see how immediate it was. How we instantly knew that we were just sticking together. It makes me so happy. And I love that back then we never could have imagined what we'd be doing in 10 years, and how much more we'd love each other. We were just meant to be. I feel so incredibly lucky to have found my perfect partner.

I love you, John, always.

So to celebrate we stayed at Four Seasons (Woot! Corporate discount!) and had dinner while Ruth watched William. We picked him up later and then we all three spent the night. In the morning we walked around the grounds and then went out to lunch. It was incredibly fun and John spoiled me to a ridiculous extent -- not that I'm complaining ;). And we were cracking up that William's first hotel stay was at a Four Seasons. He's so posh. And the hotel was amazing. It was so much fun.

These photos are clearly from the Four Seasons website

And I don't want to be brag-y, so I won't list all the many surprises John showered upon me, but I will say I'm extremely spoiled. And John, you're way too generous and sweet. Here is a photo of my Mother's Day necklace that arrived in time for our anniversary, though.

Amazing custom necklace by Kathryn Riechert!

Thanks again, John, for an unforgettable anniversary! Here's to 100 more! (Whoa, we'd be insanely old.)


Kaja said...

has it really been that long? i remember sitting next to you in that dumpy library writing our strange online hilarious! well, congrats you two - you're awesome and i'm so glad to know you all these years.

Lisa said...

Aww happy anniversary. :)

Adventures in Heywood said...

I'm so glad John wasn't a mass murderer!!! Woot for not meeting pyschos!!!

Alissa said...

I'm also glad that John turned out to be OK. That whole thing was scary from a parent's perspective! *you'll see*

Happy anniversary you two!