Friday, May 16, 2008

Dag Yo

Babies certainly cut into one's blogging time. As does making dinner, eating dinner, cleaning up dinner, doing laundry, working, grocery shopping, sleeping and working out. I need to get my priorities in order here. :P

So, I'm stoked that ya'll are digging the banana bread! I'm glad it's turning out so well for you! When I made it I didn't mash up the bananas very well (okay, I didn't actually mash them up at all, I just broke them into chunks) cause I was in a hurry and also I'm lazy. So my bread had little pockets of mushy banana. Which wasn't bad necessarily, but was also a little freaky. I knew that if I had mashed up the banana up properly it would be perfect. So anyway...yay!

So that picture up there is of my new necklace. Isn't it the cutest??? I got it at Urban Outfitters for $10! I finally found something on clearance worth buying! I love necklaces and earrings but have a hard time bringing myself to buy a necklace for $24 when I could be using that money to buy actual clothing. So I love it when I find something good on sale. Also, I got some pine cone earrings for $5! They look just like the necklace but they are silver. Love it!

Also, that shirt is one of my new shirts from Anthropologie -- also on sale! And I had a million gift cards. Sa-weet!

After William wakes up we're going to Whole Foods and to the farmer's market. However, it's 92 degrees out right now. Kill me. By 3 o'clock (when the market opens) it'll be even hotter. I hate the heat. But I am really stoked that there is a market so close now.

Tonight we're having friends over for dinner. I'm making this whole summer dinner menu from a Martha Stewart I've been saving for a million years. I'm really excited -- it all looks so yummy. I'll let you know how it all turns out...


Ruth said...

Cute necklace! And now I'm really excited about dinner!! Hehe.

Lisa said...

It's so hot here too. I had lunch with my news friend Megan and she said at 10 this morning it was already 95 degrees outside and they were pretty sure that we were going to have a record breaking temp today... I scorched my legs twice thanks to the dark leather seats in my car.

I need to get my act together in that cooking dinner department. I still haven't gotten the motivation back yet for doing that kind of stuff. I'm hoping that nesting phenomenon kicks in any day now.


We just barely turned the heat off here and now the AC is on for the last 2 days, it is NUTS! I cannot believe that your little guy is seriously 7 months old... I love, love, love, his big eyes!

suzy said...

I was in Mesquite yesterday and it was 93 degrees. It was a shock to our systems because it hasn't been over 70 in Richfield. It is nice to be home this morning to a cloudy day. When we were in California last week it was rainy almost the whole week. I love lightroom! I am having trouble with organizing, I just need to get used to it. Do you have any tips for me? Not for organization, but maybe something that you do a lot in lightroom?
I love your necklace! I am the same way about jewelry, especially when I do have it and I forget to wear it most of the time.

cara lou said...

Suzy: John has played with Lightroom a lot more than me, I'll ask him he's been using the most and I'll email you.

Lisa: I didn't start nesting until about my 3rd tri. I was too tired my whole 2nd tri, plus I was in school, too so I really had no energy. It'll happen! Don't worry!