Monday, May 26, 2008

A Tag

I love these earrings!

-Post these rules to your blog.
-Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.

My Joys:
1- My family
2- Rainy days
3- Traveling

My Fears:
1- Losing a loved one
2- Not getting off the baby weight
3- People I love making bad decisions

My Goals:
1- Open my etsy shop
2- Get down to pre-preg weight
3- Run another 5K

My Current Obsessions/Collections:
1- Owls
2- Books on child development
3- Chai Lattes

Random Surprising Facts About Me:
1- Both of my little toes are sideways and gimpy
2- I can not whistle
3- I automatically read everything I see that has text

I'm tagging:
1- Kelly
2- Aurora
3- Morgan
4- Lisa
5- Ruth

My mommy left today. We had a very fun weekend playing with the baby, talking, sight-seeing and window shopping. We miss her very much already,and she's only been gone for 4 hours. I miss my family.

Hope everyone is having a nice Memorial Day!


kelly southwell said...

Hey Cara! I'm glad you fun with your mom! it always seems to go by too fast, huh?

Thanks for the tag! I'll get to it sooner than the purse one :)
I was just telling Angela that I think you should open an etsy shop!! yea!!!

suzy said...

I need you to open an etsy shop right now. I need some curtains for Max's room and I was going to do them myself, but the fabric I found has a pattern and I don't know how to make that work. What would you sell in your etsy shop? There are surprisingly not many makers of curtains on etsy.

Little Candle said...

Aren't weekends with Mom the best? I'm glad that you had a nice time.

Sarah :)

Nellie said...

i freaking love those earrings!! where does one find such cute things?

Alissa said...

It was SO fun to play with you guys this weekend! I hope John will let me come back.

Christen said...

'Sup little lady. I'm leaving you a comment instead of e-mailing you because your e-mail address is saved on my work computer!