Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Honest to Blog?

Tomorrow I'm working and then going to see this lady

at her signing for this book

so I will not be at home all day. Which is why I am doing tomorrow's post today. See?

It's amazing how productive I was today for not having gotten out of bed until 10am. It was a pretty sweet day. I got some deep cleaning done, some organization, some playing with the baby, dinner and dessert and watching Teen Girl Squads with my two best friends.

If you haven't seen TGS yet, you need to. Go here. (I identify with What's-Her-Face)

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Morgan Jane said...

Oh my, i LOVE Teen Girl Squad. I haven't watched them in a long time, but Summer '03 they consummed my life in a very good way.

As for meeting Stephenie, see if you can get a copy of Breaking Dawn. Bribe her with some of those no-bake cookies.