Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Year In the Making -- Worth It!

Remember this quilt? Remember how I bought it after Christmas 2008? And then started and finished the top in January 2009? And then thought I was going to hand-quilt it before coming to my senses? Well, finally, a year later, it is done!

I sent the top back to UT with my Mom in October to be quilted. Brought it home with me after Christmas. Discovered that I had lost the binding fabric that had been kicking around for 11 months. Found the last bit of fabric from this collection at the quilting store. Spent a day on the couch watching Pride & Prejudice and drinking tea while binding. Ta-da!

It is so wonderful to finally have it completely finished and to be able to use it and pet it everyday. It's on my couch and the colors are so cute in my living room, I think. It's just perfection. I'll have to get another photo of it on the couch so you can get the full effect of rad. It's one of my very favorite things I own.

I just noticed that I have some sort of quilt draped over the back of ever chair/seat in my living room. Kind of weird?


Morgan Jane said...

No, not kinda wierd, kinda amazing.

It turned out phenomenally. Well done Cara, I'm so impressed!

Alissa said...

That quilt did turn out beautifully. Good work! You inspire me. And I think having quilts draped over the couches and chairs are very cozy.

Sijbrich said...

That looks fabulous! I love so many of the prints in it and the unique shapes the fabric was cut into. I've only gotten to your second most recent post and I'm lovin' your blog so far.:-)
For my next quilt I was thinking of doing a scrap quilt with hexagons. We'll see how many years that will take.:-)
Happy days.

Fatale Femme said...

If that ever goes missing, it's because I broke in and stole it. Just fyi.

zees5 said...

I have been looking for that quilt. I love it! Well done. It is one I want to make - once I start quilting, that is (: ~Page

sheena said...

wooooooooooow. wow wow wow. how are you so amazing?! I LOVE it!!