Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Matroyshka Mantle

After taking down the Christmas decorations I re-did the mantle decor. I'm so happy that I get to look at my little Matroyshaka collection everyday now, rather than it being hidden in my desk. And it makes me want more! I'm a little bit ridiculously obsessed.

1. Bought from a Russian in Tromso, Norway 2. John brought back to me from Siberian Russia 3. Ornament from Urban Outfitters 3. No idea where this came from 4.-6. Anthro measuring cups



Those have been my FAVORITE thing ever since I was a little girl. This past year my mother-in-law brought me my first one from Germany, where she is from. It is all a natural wood color.

I love them on your mantle!

John Stephens said...

#3 "No idea" was a gift from Joe Leyba. He thought it looked like an Eskimo Girlfriend... :)