Friday, February 5, 2010

Lemon Yum

We had some friends over for dinner a few weeks ago. They brought us some Meyer lemons from their trees and some honey from their bees! It's my favorite EVER to get homemade/homegrown/handmade anything! It's really the greatest. Almost as great as having friends over for dinner.

I used both the honey and the lemon in tea. And then I ate more bread than I should have as a vehicle for the honey. And then I found this recipe for Meyer Lemon Curd and immediately whipped some up. And HOLY CRAP. That stuff should be illegal. I also baked some biscuits (my first, sad attempt at biscuits) to eat the lemon curd upon. Luckily, I gave most of the biscuits and lemon curd away to friends, but still ended up eating way too much of it myself. The curd was especially amazing on top of vanilla ice cream. And just by itself by the spoonful. I do love me anything lemon flavored.

So anyway, if you are here in So Cal where Meyer lemons are just dropping off trees all over the place, make some of this ASAP. And if you are some place else, find some Meyer lemons that have no doubt travelled 1 thousand + miles, and make some ASAP.

Curd is one of the sickest words ever. Good thing the deliciousness of the product makes up for it.


Ryan Southwell said...

Can you make me some Hoof Curd?

cara lou said...

Haha! You are evil! That is the most disgusting possible thing to think of. Thanks a lot! I'll probably have nightmares. :P

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you loved the lemons and the honey from our hive...I still need to make that curd recipe!
Let me know if you need more lemons, they are exploding off our trees!!

Sijbrich said...

Curd is a horrible word.

But when I think of lemon curd, I often think of scones. Once I got a recipe for scones off the Martha Stewart website and they were pretty darn tasty.

kelly said...

Love the post, I've never had curd of any sort...and I'm glad it's good. I'm also glad you made that last comment in your post about it being one of the sickest is.
I need to try some of that lemon deliciousness...we've got lemons galore around here!

RecipeGirl said...

So glad you liked this so much. It's terrific on scones too! I just came home w/ a boatload of Meyer Lemons again yesterday. I'm thinking of a Meyer Lemon Tea Cake of some sort.

.jimaie.marie. said...

love it.

At our old house we had a Meyer lemon tree in the backyard that i LOVED and I seriously cried over it when we moved. I've even contemplated going over to the new tenants and asking for a bagful b/c I obviously have no shame.