Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My favorite recipe site is this here Simply Recipes. I have tried several recipes and they've all been incredble (like this baby artichokes one). I am a fan. It's the first place I go when I'm looking for a recipe now. The photography is beautiful and the little bloggity posts that go along are so fun to read and usually have all kinds of information.

Photo from Simply Recipes

And anyway, the other day I was browsing around for cabbage recipes and instead I found this recipe for Braised Beef Short Ribs. I knew I had to try them. One of our favorite dishes at our favorite new Northern UT restaurant is braised short ribs so it'd be quite convenient to be able to make such a dish at home, right? That's exactly what I was thinking. And I was correct.

So, friends were invited and the two day process was completed and then the food was consumed and it was all good. All of it. The company, the process and the food. I served the ribs with sauteed cabbage and mashed potatoes and biscuits. There are a couple of things I'll do differently next time (like, mine didn't look at all like those in that photo up there and I'm not quite sure why yet) but overall I was quite pleased and can't wait to make them again.

Speaking of biscuits, I'm attempting to master them. I come from a long line of supreme biscuit and pie makers. I must say, I've got the pie thing down, but biscuits are another story. I even Skyped with my Mom the other day so that we could make them together and she could teach me all the secrets. I've made them twice now and they aren't quite there yet. Dang. Guess I'll just have to keep trying? What a horrible fate.

iPhone pic of attempt #1. Not too bad.

So anyway, get ye hence to the butcher and pick up some short ribs and make these and enjoy.


Fatale Femme said...

How cool is it that you can skype biscuit making with your madre? Technology is neat, and you folks are cute.

Ruth said...

Those ribs were fantastic!! And I wish I could sample all of your biscuits. I'm drooling over your picture of them here. And I'm bookmarking that website. I only wish I felt inspired to cook more often. I need a cooking coach that can whip me into shape.

Melissa said...

oooh yum, I love short ribs! Can you also do this in a slow cooker?

Have you been to Mario Batali's restaurant on Melrose, it's called Osteria Mozza? They have a dish that's very very similar, it's called Beef Brasato...If it was your last meal ever you'd die the happiest person, no joke! :)

Lisa said...

Sounds pretty yummy. Maybe they'll make it into my menu plan for next week. :)

.jimaie.marie. said...

i LOVE that you skyped with your mom to make biscuits, seriously the cutest thing ever. Isnt technology freakin awesome?!
I too love love SImply recipes...their photos make me want to try every single recipe! Well, with the exception of the most recent COW TONGUE TACO post. Yeah, probably not that one :P

cara lou said...

Making biscuits on Skype was probably the best use of technology ever Soooo fun.

Melissa, I think the ribs would work great in a slow cooker. And I must try that restaurant!

Jimaie, luckily I missed the cow tongue taco post. Gag.

Anniebird said...

What was the name of the restaurant? Must try...