Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christmas Show-Off

A few of my favorite Christmas gifts! Just pretend these are good photos and not bad iPhone pics.

John got this for me and I thought I was going to be all Bad A and dominate this game. I was sorely mistaken and was swiftly taken down several notches. It's wicked haaard. (But I'll still beat you.)

Pretty, pretty vintage locket from Beth with pics of my sistas. I pretty much wear this every day.

A wee little 1930s copy of A Christmas Carol from my brother, Trev. It's amazing and sweet.

Anthro earrings from Ruth. I had been wanting these forever. I never want to take them off.

Adorable bag made by my Mama. She made all of the girls bags like this with different fabrics. Mine is now my official knitting bag and it's so perfect.

I'm sooooo excited about this cookbook! It's so beautiful. I love just looking through it and smelling it and dreaming of cooking all of the lovely, rustic, delicious things. This was also from John, cause he is the best!


EJ said...

have you seen the Jamie app?

cara lou said...

Yes!!! I saw it on Marne's blog and I want it! Haven't gotten around to it yet though.

Bethany said...

I wear my necklace pretty much everyday too :)