Friday, January 8, 2010

Must Read

My brain will not stop thinking about these books I just read. My friend Ruth lent them to me on New Years Eve and I spent the next two days doing nothing but reading. I'm horrible at writing book reviews or synopsises (synopsii?) so please just go read the summary on Amazon and then order them and then read them. You will be glad you did. Either that or be annoyed that you can't drag yourself out of the world in the books and back into reality. Regardless, it'll be worth it.

The third book in the series comes out in August and I may go nuts in anticipation!


Lisa said...

Thanks so much for passing them along. I did the exact same thing: two days of nothing but reading and then I wasn't sure what to do after that.

Ruth said...

Synopses, I think.

These books are just devourable. We need to find some more like this. I think I'll do some research. :D

Nellie and Jason said...

Ahh!! I'm excited! I just read some reviews of it and it sounds awesome! I think I need to go over to the bookstore and find these! I'm reading Kite Runner right now...can you believe I hadn't read that yet? Almost done though, so I need a new one!

sheena said...

good to know!! I've been looking for a new book!

and I like synopsii, just because:)