Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Fam

These portraits were John's Christmas gift to my mom. He did all the photography, printing, framing and surprised my mom on Christmas Eve with them all hung up in the family room (special thanks to Trev for hanging them). I think she was pretty excited and happy. Especially since before these, everyones' photos were about 8 years out-of-date.

Mom & Dad


Trevor & Christi





Also, a little photo shoot of Greg and his girlfriend Erin and her son Griffin. Aren't they the most adorable little family you've ever seen? I love these kids.


Kaja said...

where's the pic of your little family?? :)

Alissa said...

Heck YEAH I was happy and excited! And I still am! All I need now to make my life complete is a picture of everyone together :)

EJ said...

beautiful photos of a beautiful family. Very thoughtful gift! also the cozies were a huge hit. Thank you again for your talents!

cara lou said...

Kaja - Our family photo is the one from our Christmas card. I just didn't have it at hand when I posted. :)

Mom - We'll have to do a family photo when we're up next! That photo will be green though! Won't quite match the winter wonderland in these photos. :P