Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Letterhead Love

I am a big fan of stationery. And I have a lot of it. I used to write little snail mail notes quite often and need to start writing more again. I don't know if anyone loves receiving mail as much as I do, but I'm going to send it to them anyway!

I recently discovered this blog, Letterheady, through another favorite blog, Letters of Note. Both are fascinating. I especially love the Letterheady. I want my own letterhead. You know, for all of my business correspondence. I really really love this letterhead of Eva Peron's (above). It's so lovely and simple.

Here are a few more favorites:

Super love the font on the "Lawrence Welk" on this one:

There are a couple Adolf Hitler letterheads that I actually really like. But then I felt weird about posting them on my blog. Go check them out on the site.

In other news:

-Bread making has me completely baffled
-William went for his first dentist appointment and was complimented up and down
-We're starting pre-pre-school activities this week!
-My dining room has been taken over by t-shirts and scraps
-I've had to capture and release 5 earthworms that have been found in various states of distress around my dining room floor. They keep coming in, somehow, trying to escape biblical flood that is currently in my backyard
- Today is the most beautiful gray, rainy day and all we're doing around here is playing, baking, reading and lots of cuddling!


Lisa said...

I was just thinking about writing some notes myself. Actually, I'm a bit overdue on my shower thank yous so I should probably get around to those first.

I love this stormy weather except for the few times when we've had to go out into it with both kids. The pediatrician's office on Monday was insane, I basically felt like the sky was one big giant hose pointed at me while I tried to load the newborn babe into the car.

sheena said...

oh I LOVE these!! Getting and sending mail is so fun.

Keep trying on the bread.....after years of failing I finally made one good loaf--I'm almost nervous to try again, I don't think I'd be so lucky.

kelly said...

I used to send snail mail too, then I thought I was the only one who appreciated it, so I've slacked off (that, and 5 kids take up so much of my day! who knew?)
Let's be snail mail pen pals! ha! it's the best!

The earth worm comment had me laughing! in our T.O. house we rented, there would be worms in our shower every now and then! SICK!

Love the stationary.

cara lou said...

Sheena - I think I'll try that bread that you posted on your blog. Maybe it's a magical recipe? Maybe it will work for me?

Kelly - Yes! Let's be pen pals! That would be soooo fun! :D Especially cause I know you're the kind of person who appreciates it.