Thursday, September 20, 2007

Almost Jacket Weather -- Praise Be!

Today was incredible.

Fluffy clouds!? No way!

1) We had weather. That's right. Here in Southern California. The air actually FELT and the sunlight actually LOOKED like autumn. It was almost disorienting. And apparently, we're supposed to experience things like cloudy skies and MAYBE rain for the rest of the week! These past two days we have done such unlikely things as turning off the air conditioning, opening windows and I actually wore a jacket this morning. Craziness I tell you. 67 degrees what?

A baby lemon!

2) My lemon tree is growing a lemon. This is an event I thought would never take place. I'm not known for my plant raising abilities and for a tree under my care to actually grow something is nothing short of a miracle. Keep it up champ!

And finally...

3) I have two finished projects to show off plus I'll have another tomorrow once the happy sun comes back up and I'm able to take some pictures. I'm a sewing/knitting fool over here, I tell ya. Of course, I was very naughty today for being up so much and now my poor feet are paying the price. I'll have to spend all day tomorrow on the couch to make up for it -- but what is one to do when motivation strikes? That's not something easily ignored.

Pillow covers!

A) You may recall our pillow conundrum (here and here). Well, after seriously months of searching and discussing, I finally ended up making these - a variation on John's vision that I made come to life. I like them, but if left to my own devices, they aren't what I would have come up with. Which may be a good thing? However, I am relieved to finally have something on the naked, pokey inserts. And I'm very happy that John likes them.

Don't look at these too carefully!

B) And here we've got some little booties I knit up. They are from the Sublime pattern book and yarn that Lisa gave me. I actually finished them a couple days ago and hated them (I do, however, love the buttons. They were salvaged from a vintage sweater that fell apart). I have a problem with rarely being satisfied with things I make because I know all of the flaws they have. However, being a couple days removed from these booties, I am happier with them now. Time heals all memory of imperfections, I suppose. :)

See ya'll tomorrow!


Christen said...

Almost jacket weather? I'm in a jacket totally bundled up! It's cold yo! Those little booties are too freaking adorable. I can't believe you're going to have something so little that its feet will fit in there. Ah!

Lisa said...

I love the booties! So cute! I like how you recycled yarn for them too. Well I'm glad there are more than just the two patterns in there that you can use. Yay!

Ruth said...

Yay for autumn!! I actually wore a sweater and boots to work yesterday!!! And had some hot tea. It was so wonderful. And it rained on me for like 5 seconds this morning as I was getting the girls into the car. It made me so happy.

The pillows look great with the couch! I like. And I love the booties. Those buttons are too cute for words. And besides the buttons the are so cute. I can just imagine squeezing them once they are on some little baby feet!!

(And yay for the baby lemon!!)

kelly southwell said...

The pillows look great! You are so crafty, I'm completely envious!
I know how you love lemons, I'm so excited you have one on your tree! Happy day!
Those little booties are adorable!! I can't believe you are going to have a sweet baby wearing those so soon! I can't wait!
It looks like you are keeping fairly busy (ok, very busy) despite the bed rest situation. I know how it feels to be "nesting" and not be able to accomplish what you want, but soon enough you'll be up and about...with a little one in tow!