Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Think Anthropologie is Trying to Kill Me (Or, Please Give Me My Body Back ASAP)

Oh my. So, does anyone know any sort of magic spell or potion that will get this baby out and give me back my body from a year ago -- instantaneously?

I made the mistake of going to the Anthropologie website last night and about died. The new fall stuff is like...a dream come true. I've always like their clothes but this is just over the line, I tell you. Unfortunately, these clothes and my post-baby body will be coinciding at the exact wrong time. I think this may be punishment for some past indiscretion.

Okay, is that not the perfect color of orange? And shouldn't I be wearing that while walking around Northern Utah in the leaves and drinking a chai from Citrus and Sage? Yes, is the answer to that question.

Clearly my body isn't cut out for those skinny jeans, but the yellow top and the jacket are just too much. Give me!

This is the outfit I'll wear when we go out for lunch and yarn shopping.

That's me going to a holiday party.

I think this ensemble speaks for itself.

So really now, I'm not joking. If you have some sort of secret body-restoring potion and several thousand dollars, please send them my way.

Much appreciated.

In other news, I got my superbuzzy order today! Woot!! And a package from my mommy with baby stuff. Yay! I love mail. Have I mentioned that?


Ruth said...

Well, I can't help you but I can join you in oogling over those clothes. That first dress is my favorite. Sooooo cute. And oh man all of those boots and tights!! Two of my favorite things. Boots and tights. I am determined to buy a pair of boots this fall that are EXACTLY what I want, no matter the cost. Settling for mediocre boots should be a sin.

cara lou said...

Agreed. I hope I get lucky and can FIND a pair of boots that will fit my man-calves this year. Surely I'm not the only girl in the world with huge calves? I just don't understand it.

But, boots are a must.

(P.S. Those boots you already have are really cute!)

Christen said...

I've had to stop myself from going into the Anthropologie that is literally 5 minutes from work. I wind up depressed. Clearly, I need to take an e-trip there today to show you my favorite findings.

Lisa said...

Ack! So much temptation! I love all those clothes....

Also, I tried to already leave this comment once, so if you get it again I am sorry.

I happen to have the same "man calf" problem as you, it seems. Last year I was able to find some boots at Torrid. It was kind of embarrassing going into that store and what with all the gothic clothing, I didn't expect to find something I liked. But I did. The best part is that they don't cut off my circulation.

I looked at their selection this year and I'm not impressed. Also I have decided that last years boots are a bit too pirate-y which was fun, but not the look I'm really going for these days. I was in a phase.

I did find a cool site though for people in this "man calf" conundrum: www.widewidths.com

Don't you think these boots from that site look strikingly similar to these J. Crew boots for people without the man calf problem?

suzy said...

You really cannot be this perfect. You can cook and sew. I am sure your house is always clean. You take beautiful pictures. You are funny and eloquent. And now I find out you know how to dress yourself. You think I am joking, but I am not good at any of those things. Next time you come to Utah you need to stop by and give my life a makeover. Why did I have to move in 6th grade? I bet I would be such a neater person if we hadn't lost touch. Well there goes my day, now I am feeling hopeless.