Friday, September 28, 2007

Belly, Cake, Mail

Dear Baby:
Please come out soon -- but not too soon. I'm tired of being tired and heavy and puffy with water. I'm tired of having achy joints and ligaments. I'm tired of waking up at 3am to take Tums. I'm tired of being hot and uncomfortable. I'd much rather be able to hang out and take care of you. So please come soon. How does next Sunday sound?
love, Your Mommy

Yesterday was John's birthday and I made him this coconut cake. I actually started it on Wednesday. It was a long process, but the results were worth it - it was very yummy. I got the recipe from a food blog that I read regularly: Creme Puffs in Venice. She always has the yummiest stuff.

And, I got some mail! This package arrived from Christen with lots of fun things -- a sewing and a knitting book, a piece of darling fabric (with birds on it, of course), some trims (Christen -- where did you get those??) and a couple of Stamper's Sampler magazines which Christen is the Managing Editor of. Fancy, right? She's famous. I feel so cool just knowing her. And this package was so much fun to receive! Thank you lady!

Alright, I'm off to lay on the couch -- I feel especially light-headed and yucky today -- to look at the gray sky out the window. That's right, it's totally overcast and cool! I'm so happy. Just yesterday we had the air conditioning back on. Crazy weather.


Christie said...

If Utah would pay me 70% of my salary i'm sure I could convince my Dr. to write a note explaining I need bed rest. Then maybe my house wouldn't look like trash, I wouldn't have gone for fast food 3 nights in the last week, and I wouldn't be sitting here wondering how much longer I need to be at work so no one thinks I'm the worst employee ever. I suck.

Trevy said...

MMM Coconut.....go to my blog and see the pumpkin spice hoco (that's the boho way of saying hot chocolate....and maybe the name of Dan's caffeine free cafe in Rexburg) oh and I played some genius/stars align up at the concert hall...USU kids love john's stuff....


Lisa said...

Yay for mail and your belly is so cute!

Ruth said...

Oooh, that looks like a very fun package you got there. And that cake was delicious!!! I keep thinking about it.

Next Sunday sounds like a great day to have a baby! I hope you're listening, little one!