Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Maxwell Have I Loved

Yo. Alright, so I'm going to show you the new sofa we have on order that *should* be arriving sometime this week. Even though Alicia wrote about HER new sofa today which makes me feel like a spaz and a copycat but...what can you do? I need to show it off!

So there it is in all it's splendor. It's the first couch we've actually bought. I refused to settle for something that would just "do". I wanted my dream couch. And I got it. It's the Maxwell Sofa from Restoration Hardware (which means overpriced, but perfect) and is a queen sleeper. It's in the most deliciously soft cotton upholstery and the seats are so deep. Your legs stick out straight when you sit on it, like a little kid. It's just perfect for us. And I'm so excited about the color. And everything about it, really. Now we have a place for guests to sleep besides the floor. It's a pretty color. It's upholstered in soft fabric instead of the yucky black faux-leather of our current behemoth. And John and I can now both lay down while watching a movie...without me falling off. And look at the pretty color! Did I already mention that?

Now I either need to find pillow covers for it or make them myself. Unfortunately, John and I have very different styles in mind and I'm hoping we can find a suitable compromise. Or that he'll just let me do what I want. Hehe.

Here is a pillow cover that I adore from Pottery Barn. Look!

Look! It has birds on it! I love the colors and the pattern. But, John doesn't like it. So I suppose the search continues. I have a feeling this is going to be a long process. Please send rations.


Christen said...

I think those pillows are perfect. PERFECT! You hear me, John?

Lisa said...

I like that this is going on several days of posting. I think I believe you that you are actually going to update this blog. :) I really love that pillow. But I am not happy with Pottery Barn. All of the cute beach stuff is going out, which would be great for me getting good deals, but not so great because we can't fit anything else in storage or our small bedroom. I vote for making some pillow covers yourself... That is what I am going to do. I'm actually knitting some right now. If I would actually pick that up again and stop with the million other projects.

Lisa said...

And P.S. I love the new couch. But if it makes your legs stick straight like a little kid and I'm shorter, it's probably like to my ankles if I sat all the way back on it! Just a thought I had. :)