Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Only a pregnant lady could be this excited about organizing.

One of my favorite places in the world.

Well now, it's been almost a week since my last entry, so it's high time I write again, methinks. Unfortunately, I don't have anything pretty to show off yet. The past couple of weeks have been spent cleaning, organizing, and entertaining my 16-year old brother who's visiting for a month.

This past weekend was excellent. We cleaned and organized all of our closets and they are so beautiful now. I wish I took before and after pictures, though the before was really embarassing.

So next on the seemingly never-ending list of projects is to organize our storage bay, sand and paint the baby's cradle, and finally set up my sewing space. It's kind of just thrown together right now but it'll be so awesome when I'm done with it. And THEN I can get to sewing! I can't wait! I have birthday presents, baby things, baby presents for friends, and Christmas stuff to get started on. I'll be very busy! But the very best kind of busy. :) So we'll be hopefully getting all of that done by this time next week. Woot!

So, sorry that this is such a boring entry, but I promise it'll get better soon!

Meanwhile, I really need to make this:


Lisa said...

I think organizing is fun and as far as I know I'm not pregnant... well yet anyway. We organized Jim and Della's guest bathroom. For fun, the first night they were away on vacation.

That dessert looks so delicious. I want some now!

We'll be down this weekend for Ruby's birthday.

Oh and I better get to work on that shower gift. It's going to be here before I know it. Things got a little side tracked and put on hold when my other friend had her twins. But now I'm back to being hopelessly devoted to fair isle!


Christen said...

You know, I'm not pregnant and I LOVE to organize. But in order to organize, I need air conditioning. Can you buy me some?

Ruth said...

you've got mad organizing skilz, that closet of yours is a work of art.