Friday, July 20, 2007

Apples and Gold Ribbon

Hi and hello there. Well, after months and months of talking about it, I've finally gotten my act together and started this here crafty blog. So, for the 3-5 of you who will read this...Welcome! This will be a blog that I actually update (!!!) with pictures of projects I'm working on, baked goods and other things that make life so incredibly good.

In today's post I'm featuring an apron that I made a few months ago for my dear like-hearted friend, Christen. I saw this fabric and immediately thought of her. The pattern is based off of the apron in Amy Butler's (oh Amy, how I love you and your fabulous fabric and patterns and loveliness) In Stitches. Which I love love love.

Dear friends are hard to find. I've learned that much in my almost 26 years. Dear friends who *get* you are even harder to find. So when/if you do find the good ones -- keep them close.

1 comment:

Christen said...

Yippee! That's me! And my apron is on display in my room!