Friday, July 20, 2007

Bun in the Oven (Ooo yum...buns!)

So I just had to share some of my favorite baby things. I'm getting more and more obsessed as the days go by. And why not? We're just under 3 months to D-Day (or B-day...hehe) here. Pregnancy goes by much too fast. I'm not really complaining though. :)

First, is this not the best highchair you've ever seen?? I have to still kind of talk John into it and pick the exact colors I want. I'm thinking turquoise and red. We won't put any personalization on it though, so that it can be used for future kiddies.

The chair is from Warm Biscuit. I basically want/need everything on this site. They have the most excellent vintage-y toys and everything is just so beautiful. I wish I could live on this website. Like, physically go into the website and live there with all the things. Or, someone just give me $1 million please. K thanks.

Next, and also from Warm Biscuit (yum, biscuits) (sorry, I really like baked goods) is this baby scrapbook. They do have one that's specifically for boys, but this one is more what I'm looking for I think.

And finally, for this installment, this cuter than cute print. I just wish I had the $$ and the wallspace for it. This one is from Baby Goes Vintage which is another of my favorite websites right now. Are you in as much love as me?

*Edit: Ooops! I meant to mention this before...Thanks to Ruth for turning me on to both of those sites!


Christen said...

I think I might start buying baby stuff now. You know, just in case. I'm sure Kevin won't be creeped out by his psycho girlfriend at all. Really.

Lisa said...

Ok. Already said this to you in IM, but everyone loves comments. I love all that vintage stuff! So awesome! And I love baked goods. And I really love the chair most of all.

Caroline said...

This is my first visit. What a cute pregnant belly you have! Congrats. Love the high chair.

cara lou said...

Hi Caroline! Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. :)