Friday, February 6, 2009

You Won't Be Sorry

Check this out, why don't you? No, seriously. Do.

John and his band are some pretty entertaining guys. I especially like the epic battle scene at the very end. John massacres everyone.


Alissa said...

Wow, I didn't know you could kill people with an iPhone ;-)

cara lou said...

John says it's not the iPhone that kills people, it's the light saber inside the iPhone that kills people. :D

suzy said...

I just went to their website and couldn't see their tour dates. Are they coming to Utah? How about Vegas? The picture of John on myspace looks exactly like William!


I just had to see if you have looked at these booties before?

I haven't made them yet, but I am going to. You also need to make sure and look at the Flicker site...

I can't wait to get started and thought you might enjoy! :)

Lisa said...

Psst... You still have my old blog in your links. And I noticed that you started being a "follower" on the old blog too.

So I'm not sure if you knew it or not, but I changed over to Wordpress.