Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wonder Wallet

My mama was here last week for a few days. We spent her time here going on walks, shopping, making healthy food, embroidery-ing and sewing. So, pretty much the best time ever.

For Christmas, my mom made all the girls one of these little "wonder wallets" . They're super cute and I use mine to keep all of my punch cards and whatnots that I don't need in my regular wallet all the time. Slim things down, you know.

William loves to empty wallets, which is not so convenient. So I figured it'd be a good idea to make him his own. I stole a bunch of empty gift cards from various stores and my mom made him one.

This project is so fast and easy. Especially if you just sit there and watch, like I did (I did sew on the Velcro at least...).

William has been putting corn and raisins up his nose all day. Luckily, most of them have come out on their own. One raisin I retrieved with tweezers. And one raisin is still up there. I'm waiting for back-up.

*Update: The raisin has been evacuated. I held his mouth closed until he breathed hard out of his nose. Haha.


Anonymous said...

My sisters and I used to put all kinds of weird stuff up our noses. I don't know why. One time it even resulted in a trip to the ER for my sister, Andrea. They had to use one of those suction things like they use in surgery or at the dentist.

suzy said...

oh my goodness. I was just looking at the pictures from your last post and I want to be where you are!! I love the rain, especially if it is still kind of warm. And you are planting already! So jealous. Put up instructions for your little wallets, that is such a good idea.

cara lou said...

Lisa, that's hilarious. My little sister went to the hospital after sticking gob stoppers up her nose.

Suzy, I wish I could put up the pattern! But, it's copywrited. I did include the link to order the pattern though. It's just a few dollars -- totally worth it!

Nellie and Jason said...

hahahah....raisins...tweezers...classic. My cousin once got a bean stck up his nose, had to go to the hospital. Good times. I'll let you know when Makayla starts putting strange things up there. She's discovered her finger fits quite nicely in there!

Anonymous said...

In third grade, we were making rosaries from cut up plastic straws. As we were making them it dawned on me that I had never shoved anything up my nose. So, I shoved a piece up my nose and it got stuck. For a very long time. I never told my parents because I knew what I did was wrong. Luckily like a week later I sneezed and it came out. It's one of my most vivid childhood memories for some reason.

Alissa said...

One day I picked up Ryan from preschool and the teacher was in the bathroom with him trying to find a bead that he had stuck in his ear. We both looked with a flashlight and couldn't see it so decided it must have fallen out somewhere. More than a YEAR later the bead actually DID come out of his ear at home, beautifully coated with wax like a pearl, LOL.

Alissa said...

btw, that was a nearly perfect visit. Laid back and relaxed. It was so fun, and I loved babysitting William. He would snuggle with me when you weren't around LOL.