Sunday, February 22, 2009


So, I'm bored. John has rehearsal for much of the day. The only things that need doing are things I have no energy to do (not much sleep last night). The other things I want to do require spending money -- of which I have none -- or must be done baby-less, or result in ingesting unnecessary calories. I'm not left with many options here.

I suppose we'll go on a walk at some point. The weather today is my very favorite. Cool, a tiny bit of sprinkling, and completely overcast. It's pretty amazing. I guess I should go take full advantage of it before the 95-degree days start. They'll be here any minute.

I did get a bit of my container garden started. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, so we'll see what happens. I took some pics this morning just for you.


I'm also have snow peas, snap peas, peppers (a variety), beets, carrots, parsley, rosemary, sage, cilantro, basil, oregano, chives, dill, and thyme. I need to get some sort of watering system set up so everything doesn't up and die while we're out of town.

Anyhow, wish me luck. We'd better go walk up some hills now to escape the Nutella calling to me from the kitchen.


Nicole said...

I like your garden! I'm going to plant one this week too. I'm excited about it, and hopefully I won't let it die like all the other times.

Anonymous said...

Your garden is too cute. I'm so jealous that you have space for this. I can't plant much in our wee patio, especially since it gets NO sun.

Anonymous said...

So I have to say I'm actually looking forward to summers that only get to 95 instead of 120. :P

I really hope we get the apartment we looked at yesterday because if we do it even has space to plant a little garden.

Also, when you are not traveling you'll have to show me all the happening fabric places around there.

Morgan Jane said...

Cara, this was a good blog. I think it was the needed inspiration for my gardening this summer. I always feel like I can't garden because we have no yard...but I think it's still possible. So thanks for being an inspiration. :)

Sweet Mess said...

Ahhhh yes, the old nutella call... I wish I didn't know that.

I like your pot garden~ it seems perfect!

Alissa said...

Your growing is looking good! We still have 3 months to go before it will be possible to have any growing thing live outdoors here. Our lawn has 2 feet of snow on it.

Alissa said...

You need to update the garden/plant progress every week or so!