Sunday, February 1, 2009

An Olive for Makayla

So it's February already. Wow. How weird. And I think we've just skipped right over winter here and are going from summer right back into summer. How disappointing. I am definitely meant to live in chillier climes.

But anyway, I'll save it for my weather blog...

Here is the doll I made for our friends' daughter who had her first birthday last week. It's another Olive doll from this Wee Wonderfuls pattern, the same one I made for William's birthday. I am just so in love with these dolls. They are so easy to make and it's so much fun choosing their outfits.

(Please excuse the bad photos.)

I hope Makayla likes her Olive doll as much as William likes his Olive and Archie dolls. He sleeps with Archie every night and loves giving him hugs. Right now Olive is chilling with Spaceboy on the little toy piano. Will gives them kisses and then plays a little tune.

Please click on the photo to see the full-size version.
It's totally worth it. This kid just kills me.

This kid also just graduated out of the "bucket" into a big kid car seat. So far he loves it. Now he can see out the window and see us in the front seat. Plus, it's so super-cush. I'm a little jealous.


Anonymous said...

I have to make those dolls! Seeing Will's Archie doll in person sealed the deal for me. So awesome. Maybe I can convince my friend Tiffany to let this be our sewing project this week. We can probably totally get all our fabric from the remnant bin. :)

Anonymous said...

The dolls are very cute, but not as cute as my greatgrandson!
I'm glad that you are so talented in your sewing and quilting. Your greatgrandmother would be very proud of you. I think you inherited your talent from her. Personally, I am making bridesmaid dresses. Have three in various stages of construction at the moment.
Love GrannyK