Thursday, June 26, 2008

My First Quilt, Ya'll!

I should have it finished save the binding tomorrow! So easy!

Fabric for another project!! I'm high on sewing!

Exclamation marks!!!


Kaja said...

That is gonna be so cute. This is what everyone tells me regarding quilting: "Press for Success!" So get that iron out!

Lisa said...

oooo.... aaaahhh

Sorry... couldn't think of anything clever to say. But I love all the fabric choices. Nice job.

Alissa said...

Man, I can't keep up with your craftiness!

driftwood shack said...

this looks like its going to be lovely! I need to make a quilt but I've been forced to do a pink one-again!

Material Mary said...

You go girl. I am impressed with your desire to create. Check out my blog when you get a minute. I'm the one that goes to water aerobics with your mom.


Material Mary said...

p.s. my blog is

Sorry I didn't give that to you