Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

To my husband, the best possible guy I could have had a baby with. For being supportive, smart, patient, fun and funny, and willing to do whatever it takes. We know so many men who do not have good relationships with their fathers -- and John is determined to not let that happen with him and William. I'm so grateful for that. Also, I'm so grateful for John's common sense, logic and huge capacity to love and show it. He makes our family great!

William's favorite things:
Daddy doing beats for him
Daddy's funny voices
Playing peek-a-boo
Patting Daddy's face
Playing piano duets
Daddy's explanations of how the world works
Daddy singing songs
Playing with Daddy's belt and watch

For Father's Day William gave John a robe (every dad needs a robe), we went to the park, ate shrimp, and just hung out all day. It was nice. And the weather was beautiful! Thank you for being the Daddy, John. I love you!!

Also, to my own Dad. Some of my favorite memories include going with him to run the searchlight, camping, going on transmitter visits, hanging out at the radio station, listening to the story of the Shepherd and his sheep, listening to the Moody Blues and Yes and all kinds of music and the cool playhouse he built us. I love you, Dad, I hope you had a nice day!


Lisa said...

I had pretty much the exact same haircut growing up. Haha!

sheena said...

loooove the old photos!

Adventures in Heywood said...

I know everyone will probably comment, but that hat your dad's rocking is just straight up out of control. Is he on roller skates?

John Stephens said...

I think it's the coolest hat I've ever seen. You bet he's on roller skates!

Kaja said...

i totally recognize aggie village - how sad that it hasn't changed at all in these 20 some-odd years.

suzy said...

This is not the Friend that I remember. He doesn't look scary at all. Haha, seriously I was always so afraid of your Dad. He looks like a celeb from the 80's though. I will look it up tomorrow when I'm not falling asleep.
Also, you are very articulate, you really should write a book or something. I will be your editor.

pollywallydoodle said...

soooooooo, your dad used to have hair?hehe

cara lou said...

Polly -- Haha. Yes, proof that he once had a full head of hair. Notice that it wasn't until after my siblings were born that he lost it. More proof that I'm the best child.

Suzy -- Hahah! That's so funny that you were afraid of my dad. Though not surprising. I'm sure you weren't the only one. :)

And that's hilarious that you think I'm an articulate writer. But thank you! The truth is, I absoltutely hate writing. Like, it makes me nauseous. Haha. But it's nice to hear that my effort comes out ok. :)

Alissa said...

Look what young, skinny parents you had! What on earth happened? (Must have been your siblings, all right!)


Hey it looks like we both lived at Aggie Village when we were the same age, I wonder if our parents knew each other? Jeremy and I lived there with Emily and Dylan when he was in school too. At least now they have carpet, good times. :)

kelly southwell said...

I love these old photos! what a cute little family...with their perfect child :)

Alissa said...

Hey, I just realized that each of the last three pictures contain clothing items that I made! Proof that I really used to be homemakery. I made your denim overalls (on the slide) out of old jeans of Grandpa Weller's, and your orange coveralls used to be pants of your Grandma Floyd's! In the last picture, I made the dress I'm wearing....but I made it out of actual new fabric from the store. That was a splurge :-)

cara lou said...

Mom: It's so cool that you made so many of our clothes. I've always been impressed by that. I'm hoping to make William a couple little outfits this summer but I'm scared! I don't have much experience with patterns! Maybe I'll bring some stuff up when we visit and you can help me.