Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Major Award

It's true! I won an award! See here on Emma's blog. Dang I feel cool! (That was especially for you, Emma. :D ) Like seriously. I never win anything. Ever.

Speaking of American accents... A few years ago John and I were in London and he was playing a show at a little club, which meant that I got to hang out with a bunch of people I didn't know (this happens frequently and if you know me, you know that I'm not good at that). But luckily these people were some really friendly British girls and a couple of guys and they managed to make me -- center of the Awkwardness Universe -- feel comfortable. However, while surrounded by all these British accents I was pretty reluctant to open my mouth. My American accent seemed so harsh and dull and like, dim-witted. Haha. I felt like such a hick! I told the girls so, and they all gasped with surprise. Apparently they thought my American accent was so cool and they wanted me to talk more and kept asking me questions. I was just It was weird. Haha. I guess other people's accents are always more fascinating than your own. Though I really can't understand any attraction to an American accent at all. Blech.

So, following Emma's lead, I'm going to award my own You Make Me Laugh Awards!


She always makes me laugh with stories about her kids and whatever is going on in her life. Also, her blog name is Sheenanigans. Get it? I crack up over that every time I see it.

Crazy Aunt Purl

The tagline on Laurie's website is “Because nothing is sexier than a divorced woman with four cats”. Right there you know her content is going to be quality. Plus, she wrote a funny book! That proves that she’s funny.


Heather has like, the most viewed blog in the history of the world of something. Neither she nor her husband has to work outside of the home because advertising on her blog brings in enough money. Isn’t that nuts? Her blog is hilarious, though sometimes irreverent and sometimes crude. Just a warning to those of you who are of a sensitive disposition (I’m talking to myself here, too).


This girl has been my friend since we were like 14 years old. Mostly. :) She just recently started a blog and there’s always a line or two in each post that make me giggle. I love it.

What are your favorite funny blogs?


jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Gosh darn, that's swell! (Am I a bona-fide Yank now?) Just off to check out those blogs, I love a good laugh!

Lisa said...

Haha love the Christmas Story photo reference.

Adventures in Heywood said...

Ah shucks... I'm glad someone gets me. There are so few of you out there. Don't worry, I posted on my page to let everyone know why we've only 'mostly' been friends... :)

(BTW. My word verification below starts with STD... giggle.)

sheena said...

I'm so honored! I love leg lamps!! I can't wait to put it in my bedroom to set the mood.

i'd like to thank you for this award, and also my children for doing all those "funny" things.

i'd also like to give the award right back to you because I'm still laughing over your "walrus legs" comment months back.