Friday, June 12, 2009

Excuses Excuses

So I have sucked at blogging lately. Again.

(As usual?)

The deal is...the photos are just so much work. To me, anyway. I take mediocre at best photos, so if I want something decent I have to wait for John. He either has take them for me or to help me set up the camera so I get good exposure, etc. I just can't wrap my brain around the ISO and aperture, etc. And then there's the post processing. And John's super busy. Etc. So there's my excuse for being such a lame blogger.

I really have been working on a lot of cool things in the past few weeks. There's the ripple afghan, a couple baby projects, cafe curtains, quilt, book covers, paper cutting. I've been busy! Plus plans for some baby gifts, some experiments in designing my own plush matroyshkas, and more crocheting. I'm also on a thrift/antique hunt for frames. I can't find any!! And I need several.

Also, I've been revelling in this amazing weather we've been having. It's like, insane how awesome it's been. Two weeks of overcast skies, some rain, and temperatures all under 75!!! I'm soaking up every second of it before the heat hits and then stays until Christmas. We love the cool, morning walks!

I may not have any craft photos, but I do have pictures of our weekend in San Diego last month. Enjoy!

William with his youngest uncle, Ryan.

Waiting in line for the bus.

Cute bugs.

Running down a big hill.

Sleeping through the new elephant exhibit (my favorite animals at the zoo!).

Checking out the chimps.

Will's first beach experience!

He loved the sand but was a bit wary of the water.

He's a kid now.

Our family, in feet.


Lisa said...

Stephen is the same way, except I'm the one that takes the photos and stuff. So he has all his friends and family be my friend on Facebook or read my blog. But I'm not busy like John.

Nicole said...

I can't believe how big William is! I guess I haven't seen him since the Twilight party though. To change subjects completely...I bought some of those maple cookies from Trader Joes yesterday. Ridiculous!

Ryan Southwell said...

Who did you get to stand in for John cause I know he doesn't own any flip flops!!
haha. :)

Alissa said...

The San Diego trip was so fun. I wish it could have been longer, but we did fit a lot in (all those boys could handle anyway!) We have to find a way to do it again sometime!

ali said...

please tell john to get busy taking pictures of all your crafting. I mean, the zoo pics will tide me over until then, but share!