Monday, June 29, 2009


I know a certain little boy. This little boy has a book. It's a book about airplanes. He loves this book so much that he is currently on his 3rd copy. He takes it with him everywhere and reads it all day everyday. And wants it read to him all day everyday.

He loves airplanes so much that we bought him a toy airplane. It is his favorite thing and it's dangerously adorable when he plays with it and makes airplane sounds. He runs the risk of being squeezed into bits.

He calls them bah-bots! and you've never heard anything so cute as when he spots one flying in the sky and yells "bah-bots!"

We found this airplane at this incredible toy store in Santa Monica called The Acorn Store (they don't have a website, so I've linked to their Yelp! page). If you are anywhere in the tri-county area you MUST go check it out. It's filled -- almost too full -- of the most beautiful wooden and natural and Waldorf toys. Many of the toys are made in Germany (like the airplane we got) and the quality is just not something you see in mass-marketed toys now days. Is it expensive? YES. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. If you're selectively buying a small number of toys that are going to last a life-time, it is completely worth the money. These toys spark the imagination and will eventually become heirlooms. And the lady who owns the store is too sweet.

Sorry that this post turned into an advertisement for The Acorn Store, but I'm just SO excited about it. It was like a dream come true when I walked inside. I can't wait to go back!


Alissa said...

Oh I miss Mr. Babots! I think the airplane thing is in the Weller genes.


I am such a fan of wooden toys. I wish I could replace all of the crappy toys my kids have. Wooden toys last and are safe.

Love all of your latest projects! You amaze me.

Morgan Jane said...

Ohhh, great resource. We're all about fewer toys, but high quality with room for imagination. Excellent!