Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baseball + Chinatown

A couple of weeks ago we went with friends to a Dodger Game (my first -- and I loved it, weirdly enough) and then to China town. The weather was perfectly cool and it was a super fun day. John got some incredible pics!


Morgan Jane said...

That certainly was a fantastic day. And the pics are wonderful as well. I'm glad for the documentation for all our sakes. :)

marné said...

I hate baseball, yet love going to baseball games.

I love the Chinatown pictures! I need to head up north for a visit one of these days.

Kasey said...

There is something about being at an actual baseball game! I love that you loved it.

Anonymous said...

Daria at a baseball game...that's wonderful. :) John really did take some amazing photos. What kind of camera do you guys have? I've been wanted to purchase one for quite a while, and I'm researching for now until I can afford it.

I can't believe how big william is. SO precious. Do you have him drumming yet?