Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What We Did...

...in Utah in April.

Saw a parrot driving a truck

Attended my beautiful cousin's beautiful wedding
(which John photographed)


Did some creepy things with non-creepy people

$10 if you can tell me where we are with Mr. Brick Pants. Another $10 if you'll ignore the fact that I look like I could ingest Sheena in a single bite.

Got snowed on?

This is me saying "Seriously, UT? Snow? In April?"

But really, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Went bowling with sibs

Somehow the end scores weren't all that surprising.

The baby-child got injured

Ate cupcakes. And a lot of Indian and Thai food.


Lisa said...

Gilgal Garden, specifically “The Monument to the Trade.” The sculpture is a self-portrait of Thomas Child, the man behind the garden. Child is holding a Bible under one arm and blueprints of some sort under the other.

I used to read Sarah Nielson's blog and she visited it last year and wrote about it on there. So that's how I knew.

Kaja said...

you're busy when you go to utah. i just sit on the couch and let everyone else play with my kids...it's so relaxing! LOL! of course, i'm going to have to stop by fredrico's next time and also gorge myself on an entire box of creamies...

sheena said...

hahaahhah! you are too funny.

and all that food is making me hungry.

utah loves you guys.